How can you avoid 5G and protect yourself?

How can you avoid 5G and protect yourself?

With us experiencing the innovation of new technology every day, we must understand Electromagnetic frequencies (EMFs) better. This will help you know the dynamics of what we’ll all inevitably face. This knowledge will help you in choosing proper products that will significantly reduce these risks. There are many options for limiting EMF exposure.

If possible, you could avoid using 5G gadgets or reduce the amount of time you use them. Another option is buying an EMF shield. Many products that neutralize or minimize radiation have been introduced to the market. Most of them claim to reduce these levels by 92%. It is crucial to seek advice from an expert on which devices or services to purchase.

Also, everyone should use radiation detectors to know whether you are exposed to high levels of EMFs. With the right device, 5G EMF is detectable. Once you have acquired the equipment, it will identify areas and various sources of high radiation. Identifying these areas in your city will help you modify the routes you usually use.

It is also vital for you to educate yourself on environmental effects and health hazards caused by embracing ‘smart’ technology in homes and offices. It is just a matter of time before this network is used on a broader range of Wi-Fi and gadgets. Reading on ways to reduce its effect is essential. An example is unplugging devices on Wi-Fi when not in use, avoiding having devices in your bedroom, etc.

Another suggestion is grounding (earthing) yourself by walking barefoot. This releases any electrical charge from your body. Although there has been minimal research on this, it may be helpful to walk barefoot 15 minutes a day. Also, eating a healthy diet is important. Radiation increases free radicals in your body which causes the oxidation of cells. Try eating more of Vitamin D3, Omega-3, and ORAC foods.


We need to evaluate and balance the reward and risks that come with technological development. The future is inevitably going to embrace advanced technology. This improvement in lifestyle will be at the expense of our health.



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